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Horseback Riding in Arizona

No questions asked, these are the best horseback riding trails in Arizona. If you want to enjoy the day looking at beautiful scenery, these are the trails that you need to be on.

5552 South Beehive Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85746

cowan horse adventures horseback riding in az

Fun Ride At Cowan Horse Adventures

Cowan Horse Adventures is offering horseback trail rides in the Southwest Tucson area. The Cowan Horse Adventures in AZ will give you an experience of the trail ride that you will never forget! They are offering trail rides that have some obstacles for the enjoyment of the experienced rider. It is very important for Cowan Horse Adventures that their customers enjoy the experience.


The trail rides last for at least 2 hours. The price for the trail rides start at $90 per person, some of their trail rides which will be catered in Saguaro National Park cost about $130. For more details, visit their website now.

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245 East Ina Road, Tucson, AZ 85704

spanish trail outfitters horseback riding in az

See The Desert and The Low Mountains With The Spanish Trail Outfitters

At the Spanish Trail Outfitters you will find leisure ride scenic trails in the Sonoran Desert and the mountain foothills. Their trail rides are suitable for all riders, whether a beginner or an experienced rider. The horses at the Spanish Trail Outfitters are very well-trained and they behave well, the wranglers at the place are very polite and very focused to give you a good time!


If you want to see the desert and the low mountains at a  quiet and slow pace then choose the Spanish Trail Outfitters! For more information about their rides, go visit their website now.

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4450 South Houghton Road, Tucson, AZ 85730

pantano riding stables horseback riding in az

A Great Horseback Trail Ride Awaits You At The Pantano Riding Stables

The Pantano Riding Stables is located in the Tucson area. The Pantano Riding Stables in AZ is the best trail ride service to everyone whatever age, gender, size and experience level you may have. You can enjoy their romantic Sunset ride or come with the whole family and friends to enjoy the scenic views of Tucson. You will surely have great fun at the Pantano Riding Stables!


There is a big variety of trail rides the Pantano Riding Stables can offer you. You can enjoy a trail ride for half hour at $20, 1 hour for $30, 2 hours for $65, 3 hours for $95 and 4 hours for $105. For more information about their variety of rides, visit their website now.

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9251 West Twin Peaks Road, Tucson, AZ 85743

white stallion ranch horseback riding in az

Experience A Trail Ride Like No Other

The White Stallion Ranch will give you an experience you will never forget. The White Stallion Ranch in AZ has the largest private herds of horses in the Arizona area. You can have the best experience whether you are a novice rider or an experienced rider, because the owner of the White Stallion Ranch believes that the greatest reward is seeing the customers and the horses having a good time and enjoying the ride.


The White Stallion Ranch has a lot of rides to offer you such as the Mountain Rides, Slow Rides, Fast Rides and All Day Rides. Kids who are aged between 5 to 8 years old can only enjoy the slow rides, 8 years and older can qualify for the other rides.

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3199 North Reservation Road, Tucson, AZ 85743


Enjoy The Authentic Western Experience At The Cocoraque Ranch and Pavillion

If you want to experience an authentic western experience go now to the Cocoraque Ranch and Pavillion! The Cocoraque Ranch and Pavillion in AZ will help you feel the real cowboy experience. You should totally check the cattle, fences and the watering holes on their historic 16,000 acres of land. You can just saddle up and begin exploring the land in the cowboy way during your horseback rides!


The Cocoraque Ranch and Pavillion is offering trail rides from one hour until the all-day trail ride. You should call them now and inquire about their horseback trail rides or check their website for more information.

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PO Box 115, Morristown, AZ 85342

betty's trail rides horseback riding in az

Not Your Ordinary Trail Ride

Betty's Trail Rides will surely give you a different and unique trail ride experience. Betty's Trail Rides in AZ are dedicated to give everyone who visits their place a wonderful and memorable experience, an experience that everyone will cherish for a lifetime. You will start your journey with your ride on the authentic old cowboy ranch headquarters.


The trail rides of Betty’s Trail Rides are in the heart of the cowboy land which is currently surrounded by cattle ranches. You should totally check them out and enjoy the rest of the day. So visit their website now and have fun planning your trip at Betty's Trail Rides!

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16 Coyote Court, Sonoita, AZ 85637

arizona horseback experience horseback riding in az

A Great Adventure In The Sonoita Area

If you want a wonderful ride in Arizona then choose the Arizona Horseback Experience for the best experience. The horses at the Arizona Horseback Experience are well-cared for and very energetic and responsive. All of their tours are guided and you will be able to find that the guides at their place will do everything just to make sure that you are safe and having a pleasant ride.


They have different trail rides such as the Full Day Adventure Trail Ride which they consider gives you the best experience, the Wine Tasting Ride where you taste a complimentary bottle of wine and the 3 hour ride which will help you see the great scenery of the Sonoita area!

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1101 Bill Gray Road, Cottonwood, AZ 86326


Great Ride For Everyone At The Cowboy Way Adventures
If you want to experience the beauty of AZ while enjoying a horseback ride then the Cowboy Way Adventures will give you the best experience! The Cowboy Way Adventures in AZ is the place to be if you are looking for a cowboy way of horseback riding! 

The most popular trail ride of the Cowboy Way Adventures is their Moonlight Trail Ride which normally costs $80 but sometimes they are offering a discount priced at $50. So better check their website once in a while to watch out for some discounts coming!

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6533 West Phillips Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85242


The Perfect Western Vacation Place
The Silver Rein Horsemanship is the perfect western vacation for all the riders and non-riders as well. The Silver Rein Horsemanship in AZ is a beautifully managed and well-preserved place. It is a place with great horses for beginners and advanced riders as well. 

There are four different ride options in this horseback riding trail namely Daylight Rides, Sunset or Night rides, Ranch rides and Dinner Rides. The Daylight ride is the standard ride which will walk you through the sceneries in the Sonoran desert. The Night ride is a ride night time ride which will give you a new and refreshing view of the desert! For more info about their other rides, visit their website now!

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18970 East Old Sycamore Road, Mayer, AZ 86333


A Very Cool Place To Visit
The Potagold Stables is a cool place to visit. Potagold Stables in AZ will give you a horseback trail ride which is fun and enjoyable. The guides in the place are all helpful and will keep you entertained throughout the whole ride. The Potagold Stables always makes sure that they give each and every customer a beautiful ride through the ranch. 

Their rates vary depending on the duration you want to avail. Their 1 hour ride is $40, 1 and a half hour ride is $60 and the 2 hour ride is $75. They are also offering longer rides with lunch, 3 hour rides with lunch costs $130, 4 hours with lunch is priced at $150 and for 6 and 8 hours it is $170 and $220 respectively. They also offer these without lunch so better check their website. 

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21424 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027


For An Old Fashion Family Fun Ride

If you want the whole family to experience and explore the nature then let the Western Destinations help you with that! The Western Destinations in AZ has been providing amazing horseback trail ride adventure to all of their guests. They have been doing this for more than 18 years now and still continue to satisfy each of their clients.


They are offering various kinds of horseback trail rides which will walk you through wonderful locations which include 4 X 4 adventures, Authentic Cowboy Games, Wild West Cookouts, Pistol Shooting Gallery and a lot more! Visit them now and have fun.

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400 North Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ 85281


Explore The Beauty Of Arizona With Papago Riding Stable
The Papago Riding Stable is the oldest riding stable in the Valley. The Papago Riding Stable services are horse boarding, horse riding training and trail rides. At the Papago Riding Stable in AZ you will be able to ride the horse and head to a lot of popular destinations in the Arizona area.

The Papago Riding Stable is offering a lot of recreational activities for all of the riders who want to explore Arizona, their 1 hour trail ride costs $30.00. Their daily schedule from Monday to Friday is 9AM, 11AM, 2PM and 4PM, and schedules during the weekend are 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM and 4PM.

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14401 West Arena, Dr. Goodyear, AZ 85338


You Will Never Be Left Out Of The Fun At The Corral West Arena
You should really try and visit the Corral West Arena! There are so many things to see and do in Arizona and the Corral West Arena will help you enjoy it more! Come and join the fun at the Corral West Arena in AZ where you can experience beautiful trail rides on a lot of locations where it is safe together with the mountain horses.

There are a lot of trail rides to choose from at the Corral West Arena such as the Sunset Ride available for 1 Hour at $53 and 1.5 hour for $63 and Trail Ride Loop which is $43 for an hour ride, $53 for a 1.5 ride, $73 for a 2 hour ride and $83 for the 2.5 hour ride. 

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30208 North 152nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85262


Have A Great Time At The Arizona Cowboy College
You will surely have a great ride at the Arizona Cowboy College! The horses at the Arizona Cowboy College behave beautifully and are well-mannered. You will definitely experience the best trail ride in your life at the Arizona Cowboy College. Also appreciate and love the sceneries at the trail rides destinations of the Arizona Cowboy College!

The Arizona Cowboy College focuses mainly on ongoing lessons which length varies depending on the level you want to attain, but they are also offering a one day session which would give you the best experience!

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20300 West Olive Avenue, Waddell, AZ 85355


Spend Your Day In Arizona In The Best Possible Way
The best way to spend your Arizona getaway is to explore the dessert and have fun doing it while on a horseback ride! The White Tanks Riding Stables will help you out with that! The White Tanks Riding Stables in AZ is offering horseback trail ride tours on the White Tank Regional Park. The kids will love the different ranch animals which are all friendly. There are also special rides for the kids which is a must try for your cute little ones!

The reservation at the White Tanks Riding Stables is a must. The minimum age limit for the horseback trail rides is 8 years old. You should arrive 20 minutes before your ride time, check their website for more information!

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14629 West Peoria Avenue, Waddell, AZ 85355


Have An Incredible Ride At The Arizona Horseriding Adventures
The Arizona Horseriding Adventures is offering horseback trail ride tours in the Arizona area. You cannot help but be impressed with their service! Their trail rides are available for about two to seven rides and the minimum age requirement for the ride is 8years old, but this still depends on the ability of the rider. The rides will receive a basic instruction each on how to ride and properly sit on the horses. 

The trail rides at the Arizona Horseriding Adventures in Arizona cost $90.00/person for the 2 hour ride and $70/person for the 1 hour ride. All of the rides require at least 2 people. 

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4650 East Mammoth Mine Road, Apache Junction, AZ 85119


Appreciate The Dessert With The Help Of The Goldfield Livery
The Goldfield Livery is offering their service to tour around the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. At the Goldfield Livery you can ride the horses even if you have not ridden on the horseback yet. Their horseback rides are enjoyed by customers and the experience is just great. You will really appreciate the beauty of the dessert with the help of the Goldfield Livery!

All of the rides at the Goldfield Livery are guided and walk trot. The weight limit for the trail ride is only up to 240 pounds. The minors should be accompanied by a guardian if riding and it is recommended that the attire for the ride is jeans and closed shoes.

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P.O. Box 7901, Cave Creek, AZ 85327


Great Family Adventure At The Cave Creek Trail Rides
The Cave Creek Trail Rides in Arizona is a must visit if you want to spend quality time with the whole family. The trail rides at Cave Creek Trail Rides are fun for everyone especially for the kids. You will have a great time spending a day at the place. The staff and the guides are friendly and will ensure the kids’ safety throughout the ride. The horses at the place are all gentle and it really shows they are well-taken care of. 

The Cave Creek Trail Rides’ 1 hour loop ride is $43 for adults and $38 for kids aged 6 to 12. They also have a 1 hour sunset trail ride which costs $53 for adults and $48 for kids. The prices are tax excluded. Visit their website now for more information about their other rides.

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13020 Bush Highway, Mesa, AZ 85215


The Fun Will Never Stop At The Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides

The Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides is different from any other trail rides in AZ! They are offering the real cowboy and Old West trail ride experience! At the Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides there are a lot of trail rides and trail ride attractions you can see! There are a lot of different experiences at the Saguaro Lake Ranch Trail Rides!


They have 3 lengths of rides: 1 hour, 2 hours and 2.5 hours. The price of the ride varies depending on the duration of your ride. You can choose from The Skyline Trail, Horse Thief Wash, Saguaro Lake, The Salt River, The Mesa and the Bulldog Mountains.

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44029 North Spur Cross Road, Cave Creek, AZ 85331


Arizona Horseback: The Best Place You Can Ever Go To
If you are a nature lover who also loves beautiful sceneries and loves variety as well then Arizona Horseback is the best place you can ever go to! Arizona Horseback is offering different kinds of rides for you to enjoy! So that you can choose whatever you want to experience depending on your mood. Your options are as follows: Sunset Rides, Seasonal Rides, Petroglyph Rides and Trailblazer rides. 

Arizona Horseback is offering 1 hour up to 6 hours of rides which can be experienced by the beginner and the experienced riders. You can also personalize your tour and discuss whoever you want as your guide! Visit their website now for more information.

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