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Horseback Riding in Arizona

No questions asked, these are the best horseback riding trails in Arizona. If you want to enjoy the day looking at beautiful scenery, these are the trails that you need to be on.

Wild Horse Pass Boulevard and Maricopa Road, Chandler, AZ


Experience Breathtaking Sceneries Of Arizona With The Help Of The Koli Equestrian Center
The Koli Equestrian Center AZ is the best place to have fun with the entire family! They are offering horseback trail rides and the rides are suitable for beginners as well as advanced riders. You will be able to experience the breathtaking sceneries with the help of the Koli Equestrian Center! You can even choose to have a private trail ride but it would cost a bit higher. 

As of the moment the Koli Equestrian Center is offering a 60 minute horseback trail ride from June 1 to August 31st and a 90 minute horseback trail ride from September 1 to May 31. The schedules of the rides are posted on their website so make sure to visit it to have a smooth transaction! 

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15371 East Ojo Road, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118


Amazing Experience Is Waiting For You At The Don Donnelly's D-Spur Ranch
You will be amazed with your experience at the Don Donnelly's D-Spur Ranch in AZ! The place is like a hidden gem in the dessert. During the trail ride you will be able to see the most beautiful views Arizona has to offer! You will hear a lot of interesting history and facts about the ranch of Don Donnelly's D-Spur Ranch from the tour guides! 

The Lead Line Greenhorn which lasts for 1 hour is priced at $20 for children and $32 for adults; the Tenderfoot ride which lasts for 2 hours is only $60. There is also a Wrangler ride which lasts for 4 hours and costs $100 per person and lastly their Top Hand ride which is a ride for a day only costs $150 per person. All of the prices are tax included. 

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2655 East Whiteley Street, Apache Junction, AZ 85119


Experience The Real Old West At The OK Corral Riding Stable
The OK Corral Riding Stable AZ is located at the east of the Phoenix area and does not really have amenities for the tourists and visitors. So if you really want to experience the old west in Arizona then the best place for you to experience that is in the OK Corral Riding Stable!

The hourly trail rides costs $35 for a 1 hour ride and $60 for the 2 hour ride. If you want to have half day horseback riding you should avail their Goldfield Mountains ride which is about 4 hours and Superstition Mountain Wilderness which lasts about 3 hours, both rides cost $100 + 15% Guide Fee. There are a lot more to choose from so check their website first before calling or contacting them.

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4190 Dragoon Road, Dragoon, AZ 85609


The Triangle T Guest Ranch Offers You Beautiful Sceneries For Your Trail Riding Enjoyment
You will be able to experience a unique adventure at the Triangle T Guest Ranch! A combination of well-trained horses, beautiful sceneries and knowledgeable guides will make your trail ride fun and amazing! The Triangle T Guest Ranch in AZ has over 160 acres of amazing sceneries for your trail riding enjoyment! So check them out and see what you are missing!

There are different types of rides at the Triangle T Guest Ranch such as the normal Trail Rides, Advanced Trail Rides, All Day Rides, Off The Ranch Rides, Bring Your Own Horse and All inclusive riding programs. Their normal trail rides cost $45 for an hour, $60 for an hour and a half and $75 for two hours of ride.

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895 West Monument Road, Tombstone, AZ 85638


Do Not Miss The Fun At The Apache Spirit Ranch - Horseback Riding
Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced rider you will surely love the horseback trail rides at the Apache Spirit Ranch - Horseback Riding in AZ! The Apache Spirit Ranch - Horseback Riding will make your experience of their rides worth it and fun!


You should not miss the fun at the place and plan your visit now. They are offering public trail rides for any levels; it costs $39 for an hour, $69 for 2 hours and $200 for a half day of fun!

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23925 South Bumble Bee Ranch Road, Bumble Bee, AZ 86333


Ride The Fun Experience At The Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures
The Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures is offering trail rides for people 6 years old and older! Their trail ride will begin in the Bumble Bee Creek and from there you will ride into the beautiful Bradshaw Mountains. Along the trail, the Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures’ wrangler will provide interesting information about the place, its history and some stories associated into it.


The trail ride is the Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures specialty, although they are only offering their trail ride services for private parties. If you are interested, visit their website now. 

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11730 North Horses Hideout Road, San Simon, AZ 85632


Giddy Up At Arizona's Hideout Ranch
Make your first horseback ride in AZ a success with Arizona's Hideout Ranch! Arizona's Hideout Ranch will give you a great experience for your horseback riding trail adventure. The trail ride is in a great set-up with a very nice team of staff and wonderful scenery. The horseback trail ride is definitely a great way to explore the dessert! 

At Arizona's Hideout Ranch you will be able to see great and beautiful sights like Fort Bowie which was built in the year 1862 after the Battle of the Apache Pass; you can also see the Chihuahua National Monument that has the most unbelievable rock formation and a lot more! See their website now and have fun!

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13700 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85739


Have A Fantastic Trail Ride At The Pusch Ridge Stables
The Pusch Ridge Stables is the finest and best trail riding in the area. It is a great place to get away from the reality and appreciate and explore the nature! The Pusch Ridge Stables in AZ is offering the best horseback trail rides! Both the beginners and advanced will enjoy the rides the Pusch Ridge Stables is offering their guests.

Their daily trail rides are the Tenderfoot Trail Ride which costs $40 which lasts for 1 hour, the Saddle Bum Trail Ride for $60 lasts for 2 hours, Westward Ho Sunset Ride which is priced at $50 and the Moonlight Ride which lasts for an hour and a half that costs $70. 

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12801 East Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85748


A Great Way To See The Desert
The Houston's Horseback Riding is offering a scenic horseback trail ride into the beautiful Sonoran Desert or the Saguaro National Park. If you want to explore the desert then visit the Houston's Horseback Riding in AZ! In this place you will experience a ride that is worth every penny you paid for. So if you are visiting the Tucson area, then visit the Houston's Horseback Riding as well.

Their trail rides costs $60 per hear which last for two hours. If you want a shorter or longer ride, you can make a request to them to customize your ride. They are also offering Sunset Trail Ride with Steak Dinner which costs $85 per head. The trail ride will explore the Saguaro National Park and would last for about 2 hours, and then you will be having the Steak Dinner at the ranch after.

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10215 South Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85042


A Great Place To Have Fun With The Whole Family

If you are looking for family fun at the Arizona area then you should try visiting the Ponderosa Stables! The Ponderosa Stables in AZ is a great place to spend time with the family especially if you have kids who are into nature, who love animals and who love horses!


You will be able to pet and feed the horses and of course ride the horses. You should definitely try the short trail rides at the Ponderosa Stables! Another must try is their T Bone Steak ride which is really popular among tourists and visitors. Check their website now and plan a visit!

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31313 North 144th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85262


Enjoy An Awesome Adventure At The Cave Creek Outfitters
If you want to enjoy dessert landscape and horses then the Cave Creek Outfitters is the best place for you! The horses in Cave Creek Outfitters in AZ are all active but well-mannered and the trail guides are also knowledgeable and are very helpful. You will definitely have a good time at Cave Creek Outfitters.

From May until September their 1 hour and 2 hour ride leaves the ranch at 8AM and 5PM. On the other hand the schedules for the rides from October to May are as follows, 1 hour ride leaves the ranch at 10AM, 2PM and 4PM. Their 2 hour ride leaves the ranch at 9AM, 1PM and 3PM; they also have a half hour ride which leaves the ranch at 9AM and 1PM.

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26540 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255


Spend A Perfect Day At MacDonald's Ranch
MacDonald's Ranch is the perfect place to spend the day with the whole family. The best place for great food, great fun and a great atmosphere! It is really a great place for a family horseback riding experience; you will really love the set-up of the place, the paper work and the preparation for the rides! They also have a helpful and courteous staff that will really help you out.

The rates for the standard rides of MacDonald's Ranch in AZ are as follows, for the 1 hour ride the prices are $40 for a child and $45 for an adult, for the 1 and a half hour ride it costs $55 for a child and $60 for an adult and their 2 hour ride costs $65 for a child and $70 for an adult. All of the prices are tax excluded.

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5440 East Peak View Road , Cave Creek, AZ 85331


Enjoy The Stunning and Breathtaking Dessert Landscape

The Windwalker Expeditions is a private horseback riding company. If you want to experience the Windwalker Expeditions in AZ just book your chosen date and you are good to go! All of the trail ride guides are experienced horsemen who really own and train their own horses so you are rest assured of the best guide possible for your adventure.


The dessert landscape included in the trail adventure is just stunning and breathtaking. You will be able to see different kinds of birds, reptiles and a lot more animals, even a mountain lion! It is a definitely a must go if you are nearby central Arizona!

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