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Day Care Centers in AZ

Get those errands done without dragging the kids around with you. Thanks to these day care centers in AZ you will be able to have some much needed time to yourself while your kids get to have some fun.

3524 West Union Hills Drive, Glendale, AZ 85308


Union Hills Kinder Care
Kinder Care is a net of child care centers that has its branch in Glendale. Children of all ages are admitted to the AZ Union Hills Kinder Care with programs and activities specialized for different ages.

This is one of the most versatile day care centers in Arizona, offering day care and early education for kids ages 2 and under, preschool early education for ages 3 to 5 and school-age education programs for ages 5 to 12. Select the right program for your children and offer them an extraordinary experience in this AZ child care center.

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+1 623-580-1303
4250 West Pinnacle Peak Road, Phoenix, AZ 85310


Kiddie Academy
There are numerous child care options and day care centers in Arizona, however, Kiddie Academy is among the rare ones that really fill the day with fun, excitement and learning.

AZ Kiddie Academy is part of the nationally networked franchise that ensures strict standards and guarantees a safe stay full of playing, workshops, interacting with teachers and other children and learning. Now you can leave your home relaxed and without worrying for the safety of your children.  

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3335 West Greenway Road, Phoenix, AZ 85053


Premier Children's Center
Every day rush and obligations don't allow a parent to be around their children all day long. Premier Children's Center in Arizona is a place that helps parents with such problems.

The center's trained staff takes care of children throughout the working days and offers them a place to stay, have fun and make new friends. Being one of the best AZ day care centers, this place has various programs, like kindergarten programs, but it also keeps safe those children who are not involved in these programs and just need a safe place before and after school.

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1842 South Crismon Road, Mesa, AZ 85209


Children's Learning Adventure
Looking for a place that will keep your child safe while you are busy? AZ Children's Learning Adventure is Mesa's premiere child care center that offers fun and education through interactive programs and activities.

The center offers the highest quality infant, preschool and afterschool programs for children. Let your kid embark on a completely new experience that will enrich and broaden his childhood. Through new friendships, games and fun, the center's trained teachers make sure that every kid has what they need and want.

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4142 East Chandler Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85048


My Gym
Here's a place that will bring benefits for both parents and children. Now you can really relax while you are working and be sure that your children are in more than good hands. AZ My Gym is a special place for children that offers gym programs and also operates as a day care center in Arizona.

Children will enrich everyday activities in various areas - physical activities, interactive workshops with their peers and teachers and also gain knowledge and skills.

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13831 North 94th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Child Care and Learning Centers
Since 1994, AZ Child Care and Learning Centers have been offering what they believe is the best home away from home for the children of the state. The center operates at its three locations - one in Phoenix and two in Scottsdale.

Providing day care centers in Arizona and equipping them with facilities and technology that keeps your children entertained and safe, you can be sure that your kids will be in the right place no matter what program of the center they are involved with. 

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6435 East Baywood Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85206


Children's Choice
Children's Choice center in Arizona is dedicated to creating a safe and fun environment for your children. The staff and management is aware of the fact that childhood is the most important period in a person's life and that it influences all the ages of his or her life.

That's exactly why the team of one of the most popular AZ day care centers focuses on developing children's physical and mental abilities and tries to make their childhood a wonderful and rich experience.

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2156 East Liberty Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85048


The Village Preschool
At the amazing Village Preschool in Arizona, learning and having fun come hand-in-hand. This wonderful AZ day care center offers a huge range of extremely fun activities that are meant to help your children learn and grow in the best possible way.

Your kid deserves the best care while you are at work. Allow him to become more independent, meet new friends and learn how to communicate and interact with others. You can be sure that he will be in more than safe hands with the center's professional staff.

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15815 North 40th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032


Desert Dawn
AZ Desert Dawn is a private school located in the heart of the Phoenix Paradise Valley. The center's complex consists of two buildings, animal pens, a large playground, a basketball court and shaded patio areas.

Its amazing team and staff make this place one of the best private day care centers in Arizona. Dozens of satisfied parents have left more than positive reviews on various sites, citing that the school brought joy, happiness and knowledge to their children.  

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2030 North 36th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008


Phoenix Christian Day Care
AZ Phoenix Christian Day Care is a day care center in Arizona, established by Pastor Don Gosvenor of the Phoenix Christian Assembly. The reason he established the center is because he wanted to create a loving and safe environment for children and he also wanted to instill some fundamental Christian beliefs during the most important part of their growing.

Your children will here be safe and happy, they will make new friends and their days will be filled with entertainment and education.

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