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AZ Cruises

Have a nice romantic week or family week on one of these AZ cruises. Don't worry about cooking or cleaning and let the staff entertain you. When you go on an AZ cruise you will get to forget about the "real world" for a while and enjoy each minute of the day!

100 Lake Shore Drive Page, Page, Arizona 86040


Great cruise around Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a great place for a cruise along the 2000 mile lake. There is so much to see and enjoy, for example the great geographical terrain is magnificent. You will with no doubt enjoy this and the fun of being on a cruise will rejuvenate your spirits and make you even more overjoyed.


The lake has an endless supply of clear blue skies and with the warm water of the lake nothing could go wrong. Whenever in Arizona you should come and enjoy this.

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P.O. Box 977, Apache Junction, Arizona 85117


Steamboat ride on Canyon Lake

The Dolly Steamboat is one of the major attractions in Arizona. The boat has been operating on Canyon Lake for over 20 years. In that time they have seen the switch from the old and outdated boats that cruised the lake to a modern and more comfortable boat.


In that respect you can appreciate the fact that the crew of the Dolly Steamboat is an experienced team that knows what they are doing. There is so much to experience on that boat ride, the scenic view of the terrain and even the incredible wildlife along the lake. This is sure to be one memorable trip if you choose to have it.

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14011 North Bush Highway, Mesa, Arizona 85215


Incredible cruise with the Desert Belle

The Desert Belle is one incredible experience. For over 40 years the boat has been cruising the waters of Suguaro Lake, and it is still providing the same service. You will enjoy the great scenic beauty the cruise offers you.


There is a lot of wild life that you will enjoy as you relax in their air conditioned boat as the narrator points out some of the attractions that make this boat ride very memorable. You will realize just how much Arizona is endowed with natural beauty.

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1920 Arizona Avenue, Yuma, Arizona 85364


Amazing day at Yuma River

This is one of the best attractions in Arizona. The cruise along the river is bound to be one that you and your family or friends will enjoy. They are a group of professionals who know what they are doing. The steamboat that cruises the river is run by a crew that is knowledgeable and have vast experience in the field.


Through the cruise you will enjoy the scenic beauty along the river banks. They cruise along some of the historic sites and are also very good with student field trips.

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10970 W Peninsula Road, Morristown, Arizona 85383


Splendid trip over Lake Pleasant

The Agua Fria Boat Company is a company that is determined to make you have a wonderful experience of nature around Arizona. They have a boat that is called Oberon, and it is a beautiful boat. Oberon cruises the waters of the incredible Lake Pleasant.


On the Oberon you will be able to have a narrated tour through the scenic and beautiful environment that the lake is at. You can come with your own food and drinks on the boat so that you can enjoy the scenic beauty even more!

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8708 West Harbor Boulevard, Peoria, Arizona 85383


Amazing cruise on Lake Pleasant

Desert Princess 2 is one of the best cruises that you can have by on Lake Pleasant. There are all the best things that a cruise can offer. There is the comfort of the place where you are going to be seated. There are meals that will satisfy any appetite and there is a narrator who will be highlighting all the interesting points along the cruise.


The Desert Princess 2 is a replica of the Mississippi Riverboat and it has some of the most qualified crew members in the business. You will enjoy the great cruise along the lake in Arizona.

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