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Top 100 Attractions in AZ

With so many attractions to visit in Arizona, you may not get to see them all. That's why we created this guide to the top 100 attractions in AZ. Take a look at them all and decide which ones you would like to see during your next visit.

3400 Zoo Court, Tucson, AZ 85716

Red Park Zoo Best Attractions in AZ

Great day trip idea for children!
Located in Tucson, the Red Park Zoo is one of the best attractions throughout the state. They feature a wide variety of animals, including the expected elephants, zebras, tortoises, flamingos and giraffes as well as the less expected anteaters, jaguars, capybaras and hedgehogs. Everyone in the family will enjoy walking around this top attraction in Tucson and learning about new animals and their living environments.

In addition to the many animal exhibits, the Red Park Zoo also has a variety of educational programs which will increase your children’s interest in zoology. They will have the chance to go behind the scenes at the zoo, get a closer look at the animals and gain first-hand knowledge of zoo operations. Whether they are taking part in the summer camp program, one of the Little Critters Workshops or simply visiting on a field trip with their school, you will see your children’s excitement and desire to return a second time.







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