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Zoos in Phoenix

Are you looking for the best zoos in Phoenix to go visit? Look no further! We have a detailed guide of the best Phoenix AZ zoos. If you are looking to spend the day seeing the beautiful animals that inhabit the Phoenix zoos let our list help you find the best places to go. 


455 Galvin Parkway,
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Meet The Animals Of One Of The Best Zoos In The Us
The Phoenix zoo is one of America's most eminent, privately-owned, nonprofit zoological parks. It began because the vision of one person, Robert E. Maytag, who worked inexhaustibly to rally community support on behalf of the zoo. Sadly, Maytag didn't live to see his dream fulfilled. He died suddenly in March of 1962, six months before its scheduled opening.

When the launch day did arrive in November, the new zoo was christened the "Maytag Zoo" in honor of its founder. Still, the zoo owes its existence to the support of the whole community. To better acknowledge this partnership, the name was later modified to the "Phoenix Zoo" – at the request of Maytag's heirs. The zoo opens daily at 9 a.m. except in the months June-August when it opens at 7 a.m. Check the schedule for planning a visit.

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