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Phoenix Lounges

If you are looking for a night out but want something more intimate than a bar or club, check out an Phoenix AZ lounge. Enjoy your night out but still feel relaxed and comfortable. We provide you with an in-depth guide to the best Phoenix lounges to spend an evening at.


5749 North 7th Street,
Phoenix, Arizona 85014


Greatest party at Apollos

This a great gay lounge right in the heart of Phoenix. You will enjoy some of the best drinks that they serve at the place. The place is set to be ambient and very welcoming. And if you love music and dancing then you will have a blast at this place. They play some of the best music collections in the entertainment industry and of course there is enough space for you to to dance and be merry.


So come with your friends on those not so good days and have a great time at this bar.

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2801 North Central Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85004


Re-splendid Soshu

This is a good joint in Phoenix that you and your friends can come on a bad day and have a great time. The ambient interior is one of the things that will get you all excited about the place. The people who work here are very friendly and helpful, you will feel all comfortable around them.


You will also love the great delicacies that they have on their menus, which mainly comprise of the global Asian cuisines. If you have an appetite for Asian food this is the place to be.

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1514 North 7th Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85007


Splendid time at Sidebar

One of the best entertainment spots in Phoenix is Sidebar. You will love the great drinks that the place has become so famous for. You will also love the great air of ambiance in the premises. There is so much that you will enjoy at Sidebar. This also includes the elegance that the place has.


The staff of this place is kind and friendly. They are always willing to lend a helping hand. So on those days that you feel like having a good party, you should come to this place for an unforgettable night.

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4041 North 40th Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85018


Delicious Meals and Cold Drinks At The Vig
If you are tired of the Arizona's busy day life, you can easily get away from all the stress and woes by visiting the Vig, one of the premier Arizona nightclubs. Here, you can enjoy the best of Arizona nightlife, hang out with friends and definitely create unique and magical memories.

Therefore, take a chance on the Vig and explore the very best of Arizona nightlife. Enjoy the cold drinks, the delicious meals and relax or unwind to the perfect entertainment and music recorded in the perfect ambiance. 

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5200 East Camelback Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85018


Unique Experience at T Cook's Restaurant and Lounge
Looking for a place in Arizona to relax and unwind during the night? Looking for a perfect hang out with friends and to have a memorable night? You should definitely visit T Cook's Restaurant and Lounge in Arizona. Here, you can enjoy cold drinks and delicious meals with friends.

Become a great contributor of the Arizona nightlife by visiting T Cook's Restaurant and Lounge. The perfect ambiance and setting creates the perfect spot to celebrate the best of Arizona's nightlife.

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3815 North Central Avenue,
Phoenix, AZ 85012


Have Fun At FEZ
If you love Arizona, you should definitely celebrate Arizona nightlife at FEZ. With the perfect entertainment, the perfect setting, cold drinks and delicious meals, FEZ is definitely a great place to hang out with friends, relax and unwind.

Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect place to relax and enjoy Arizona nightlife, you should definitely visit FEZ. Contact your friends and hang out at one of Arizona's premier lounges, FEZ.

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