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Cabarets Phoenix

If you are looking for a good combination of music, comedy, drinks, dancing and much more visit a cabaret when you are in Phoenix. You're night will be filled with fun and entertainment. You will not forget the experience you have when you visit a cabaret in Phoenix AZ!


4129 North 7th Avenue ,
Phoenix, Arizona 85013


Great fun at The Rock

This place is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. They are devoted to making their patrons very happy. It is dominantly a gay bar and most of the shows will be geared toward a gay audience. It is nonetheless a very entertaining spot for anyone who visits the place. You will definitely love the shows that they put on for you. 


The staff is so friendly that you would love coming back again and again just for the friendly service that they put up for you. You will also enjoy the great drinks that are served at this place. So if you are looking for fun then this is the place for you.

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18613 North Cave Creek Road ,
Phoenix, Arizona 85024


Incredible show at the Candy Store

Phoenix is home to this fine joint. Located in the heart of Phoenix, the Candy Store is one place that will with no doubt leave memories that will not go away. It has the right setting for a great party and of course there is a team of helpful staff that will keep your table full of drinks. They are helpful and friendly, you will get all the best directions if you need any.


There is also the team of dancer who grace the stage. You will with no doubt enjoy the show that they put on for you. These dancers definitely know what they are doing and you will be one entertained person by the time you decide to leave.

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4139 West Indian School Road ,
Phoenix, Arizona 85019


Great entertainment at Show Girls Cabaret

This is one great joint to go party at. There is a lot of entertainment to go around. The service is one that will impress you. The staff is friendly and very helpful. You will enjoy having fun at this place.


They have a variety of packages that they avail to their patrons ranging from bachelor parties, ladies' night out and even graduation parties. There is also a variety of girls from all over the world who are there for your entertainment. So if you have an event then you should consider this place for the best kind of entertainment.

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3522 Grand Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85019


Entertainment at Fox's Cabaret

If you are looking to be entertained, then this is the one place where they will do that and do it well. The entertainers are greatly talented and they will give you a show that will last in memories for a long time. It is located at the corner of Grand Avenue and 35th Avenue, in Phoenix Arizona.


They have some of the best equipment that compliments the talent of their entertainers. So if you are looking for an unforgettable night out with friends you should try this place.

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3613 East Van Buren Street,
Phoenix, Arizona 85008


Enjoy at the Pink Rhino Cabaret

This is one of the places that you and your friends will enjoy a cold drink at. You will love the setting of the place and even the ambience. Located just minutes from the airport, the Pink Rhino Cabaret is just the right place to go ease up after a stressful business trip.


There is great service at the premises, the servers will be of assistance to you and will help you with any questions. They even have valet service so you can be assured of comfort and satisfaction.

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5151 East Washington Street,
Phoenix, Arizona 85034


Enjoy yourself at Le Girls Cabaret

This is one of the best places for entertainment in Phoenix. The lush interior and the great service will definitely get you in the right mood for an unforgettable party. You will enjoy the drinks and the best service a place can offer.


The entertainment is definitely one that cannot be matched. The entertainers are people who definitely know what they are doing and will with no doubt do a great job at entertaining you.

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44 North 32nd Street,
Phoenix, Arizona 85034


Great entertainment at Christie's

This is one of the places in Phoenix that you will enjoy being at. They have the best drinks and the right setting for a great party. There is so much ambience that you can soak up. With a doubt you will love the service at this place. The waiters are friendly and helpful.


Given that Christie's has branches in most parts of the country, there is a variety of culture that is represented in their entertainment. But one thing is for sure, these dancers really know what they are doing.

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4420 East Thomas Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85018


Magical Moments at Sugar 44 Cabaret
Without a doubt, if you love Arizona's nightlife, you should have come across Sugar 44 Cabaret. This is where the best of Arizona's nightlife meet to create magical moments for all the patrons. Being a premier Arizona cabaret, most Arizona residents visit Sugar 44 Cabaret to enjoy, relax and unwind.

Therefore, if you are too tired of your busy life, take a night off and visit Sugar 44 Cabaret and become an important part of the Arizona nightlife scene.

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2031 West Peoria Avenue,
Phoenix, AZ 85029


Where the Centerfold's Come Alive
For the Arizona nightlife patrons, you should definitely visit the Centerfold's Cabaret, one of the premier night spots in Arizona. This is where the centerfolds come alive with exciting dancers and entertainers graced with a beautiful ambiance.

On that note, you should definitely enjoy the best of Arizona's cabarets, Centerfold's Cabaret with friends and create magical moments. With beautiful music, excellent entertainers and memorable experiences, this is how the Arizona nightlife should be spent.

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36123 East Van Buren Street,
Phoenix, Arizona 85014


Have Fun at Dick's Cabaret

Dick's Cabaret is a fun place to be in Phoenix. The place is well furnished to make sure that you are comfortable and decorated in a way that your fun and happy mood will be evoked. This is definitely a place for those outgoing people who do not mind having fun and entertainment that goes to extremes.


They are open every day of the week. From Sunday to Thursday, they open from 7 pm to 1 am and on Fridays and Saturdays the opening hours are extended a little more. That is they open from 7 pm to 3 am. Come and have fun at this cabaret.

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2802 North 35th Avenue,
Phoenix, Arizona 85009


Enjoy The Best of Arizona's Cabarets

Chica's cabaret is one of the places that you should definitely try out in Phoenix. It has the perfect setting for the perfect night out with friends. You will love the performance that the establishment has put in place for you.


They have the best entertainers who definitely know what they are doing and will not stop until you are satisfied. So on a lousy day when everything seems not to be going well for you, come grab a beer sit back and enjoy the show that will be put for you.

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