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Shooting Ranges in Tucson

Providing a safe environment, these shooting ranges in Tucson can be a lot of fun for anyone. Check them out now and see if this is something you would want to do.


+1 520-747-8657
5051 Eat 29th Street,
Tucson, AZ 85711

marksman pistol institute shooting ranges in az

About the club
Safety is the number one priority of the Marksman Pistol Institute in Arizona. They only rent and sell quality firearms and accessories and they believe that everyone who owns a gun must learn how to use it responsibly and safely.

Both Marksman I and Marksman II are great places to learn and educate yourself, but also to meet new friends that share common interests. You will be in a secure environment, surrounded by a friendly and informal atmosphere.

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+1 520-822-5189
18300 West Ajo Highway,
Tucson, AZ 85735

tucson rifle club shooting ranges in az

About the club
Tucson Rifle Club was first organized in 1896 and in 1919 it was chartered by the National Rifle Association. Having this in mind, it is one of the oldest continuously operating shooting ranges in Arizona.

The club's shooting range, called the Three Points Range, is operated by the Tucson Rifle Club through lease agreement with the Arizona Game & Fish Department for the safe use of forearms and the promotion of the shooting sport. 

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13990 North Lago Del Oro Parkway,
Tucson, AZ 85739

pima pistol club shooting ranges in az

About the club
In Pima Pistol Club you will be able to enjoy shooting challenges or even participate in some of its event, programs and competitions. The range offers facilities for rifle and pistol target shooting. It is a cold range and all firearms that are brought into the facility must be unloaded. Clearing stations are available at the entrance.

This is a perfect place to go to while on vacation and also a place where you will not only get entertained, but also try some new ways of fun that you haven't discovered yet.

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